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Tiffany H

We hired Kooldip and DJ Rude Dogg to emcee and DJ our wedding on July 13, 2019 and they were amazing!!! Kooldip and Kim were very organized throughout the entire process. They communicated well and were always available to answer our questions. Kooldip was especially helpful when we asked for advice on our reception timeline. The game, “Man I feel like a woman,” that he recommended was a huge hit! I haven’t seen that done at any wedding before.

We’ve been to a lot of weddings, like a lot- in Cali and in Hawaii and I’ve never seen an emcee like Kooldip. He is the absolute best emcee, so when I saw him in action at my brother’s wedding, I knew that I needed to book him right away. During my father-daughter dance, my dad was quite literally talking to me about how much he liked Kooldip.

The dance floor was packed the entire night. Dj Rude Dogg was able to incorporate all our Bay Area favorite songs and play “Lean on Me” without anyone leaving the dance floor. The music was amazing all night!

I can honestly say that the reception was the way it was because of Kooldip and Rude Dogg. They really made the whole night flawless. Hire them! You can’t go wrong with them!

Eva F

I had such a fantastic experience with Kooldip productions. I booked them for my wedding at Ko’olau Ballrooms. Here is why you should book them!
1. High level of professionalism: Kuldip arrived on time for all meetings, explained clearly our options and the services he would provide. He gave us a clear explanation of our timeline so we knew what it would look like prior to the day of.
3. A hilarious and fantastic Emcee! Kuldip kept the crowd engaged, and energized. He played fun games with the audience, and managed to get everyone on the dance floor at once! He kept things flowing throughout the evening.
4. Our DJ Dom was great! He composed a playlist based upon my requests and suggestions, during cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing.
5. Uplighting services with exactly the colors we specified.
6. They played our slideshow using their projector, worked with us to make sure the format we gave our slideshow to them would work so we had nothing to worry about.

Ellen G

Are you looking for a Graduation or Party Emcee and DJ? Stop looking and hire Kooldip Productions! I have to say to anyone looking for an excellent Emcee and DJ that Kuldip is the real deal. We are almost three weeks out and guests are still talking about Kuldip, his DJ, Assistant, the up lighting, and the finale SPARKLE EFFECT. It is a must for all occasions.
From the first time I met with Kuldip, he checked his schedule and to our good fortune he was available. That following Monday he contacted me and walked me through the whole process. He even mentioned to me things that I didn’t think off.
They were there preparing the timeline, suggesting games, and helping with our music selection. He made our high school graduation party great. Kuldip also coordinated with the Banquet Captain at the venue. Truly, I did not worry about anything that night. Thank you Kuldip for a night we will never forget. We know that if we have another party event, you’re hired!

Judi P

If you are looking for THE best wedding entertainment, look no further than Kuldip and his crew! From our first conversation to the main event, Kuldip was there every step of the way. My husband and I were in 2 different time zones on the Mainland planning a destination wedding in Waikiki and Kuldip was so accommodating in terms of getting us on the phone, planning together in the midst of our crazy schedules. Kuldip and his crew are the epitome of FUN. Our guests raved about how great they were and how well Kuldip knew us. Kuldip takes the time to get to know you and that translates into a personal experience, like he was our family emcee’ing the event! From ceremony music, to the dance floor, to the extras (get the SPARKLERS!!), Kuldip and his crew were amazing! The memories they provided us will stay with us forever. You will not go wrong with Kooldip Productions!!! Hire them!

Leimakamae K

From our first meeting at Starbucks it has been an absolute pleasure working with Kuldip! Kuldip and his team are professionals that know how to read/entertain people, extremely easy to work with, very quick response time, super flexible and willing to accommodate or make recommendations, and worth the money!
Honestly I wasn’t even worried about who would emcee. My thinking was, if it ends up being too expensive we could just have family/friends do it. First of all, Kuldip is so easy to talk to. He informed/honored a promotion they were giving if we met him at the expo (which he knew he did not attend). It was while he was explaining all the perks that came with the promotion that I realized we were getting way… more than just an emcee. Being that he has been in the business for quite some time, he is well-connected/established (which makes things a lot easier throughout your entire wedding experience), tips for your special day/night and provides explanations, but most importantly great with communicating and sharing his knowledge.
Finally, wedding day and reception. We had such a great time, not only with family and friends but vendors (I’d like to think) became friends! I literally was on top of the world! Thank you for keeping the entire room entertained at our reception. Mind you, this is a room filled with 400 guests from all different lifestyles… infant/toddlers, teens, devout Christians, shipyard workers (NOT engineers, shipyard welders/shipwrights)! We still get compliments from everyone at our party! Should we ever need a DJ for another event, we would definitely be reaching out again! To top it off, Kuldip and the DJ ended the night dancing with us and showing off them kid ‘n play moves!! The room went crazy!
We absolutely LOVED working with you! Thank you to Kuldip and the gang! We love you guys!!!!

Christal C

One of the best investments that my now husband and I made. The last thing that we wanted to worry about was having an MC who was not up-to-date with the latest trends and only told corny jokes. Kooldip productions went beyond my expectations and was anything but those. I knew from the first time we booked him, that we wouldn’t be disappointed. After reading reviews, and seeing all the pictures, I knew I was in for some fun. So when our event finally came around, we definitely had a lot of fun.
All my family members and friends could not stop telling me how much fun our wedding was, and how long it’s been since they’ve been to a fun one. I’ve had some family members even say, “Who’s your MC?”, “He’s so good. I like him”, “The best wedding ever in a long time”. Even my 85yr old Filipino grandma came up to me and said, “very good your MC”. So put your worries aside, and invest in Koodlip Productions. You’ll be glad you did.

Kris L

Kuldip and his team were amazing. From the beginning kuldip’s response time was quick. I always got a reply back within the hour I sent an email. He explained everything and broke down all the details. Of all the things to worry about when planning a wedding I wasn’t worried about the emcee and dj. Day of the wedding they were on time and professional. I was really impressed by there set up. They kept the wedding moving and when it started to die down they jumped in to get it going. Kuldip as an emcee was very entertaining and funny. The guest had a great time and in part was because of kuldip and his team. Definitely a for sure bet if your looking for an emcee dj combo.

John S

Absolutely exceptional and we are here to support the perfect rating on yelp! We wanted our wedding to represent everything we love – the Samoan culture, dancing, friends & family – Kuldip did such a great job incorporating all of these things. He shared stories about us and ensured that it was personalized. Kuldip is one of the nicest, most genuine, and professional people we know! His charisma kept the crowd interested and made for a super fun and entertaining evening. Several guests mentioned that there was never a dull moment and that our MC / DJ was the best, needless to say… we agree!
Kuldip met with us twice prior to our wedding and got to know us in order to ensure everything was to our liking. He nailed it! He was also very flexible and effortlessly made changes to the agenda without any hiccups. If you want your event to be memorable then Kooldip Productions is your choice, hands down. Thank you Kuldip, we are so grateful for your services!

Jade C

Its been over 2 months since our wedding. I know I am a little late on my review, but better late than never. We had very little planning time when it came to our wedding as we had a lot going on. I searched through Yelp in order to find an emcee/dj. We came across Kooldip productions and decided to give them a call. So glad we did. He met with us and our coordinator several times before the wedding and was always on time. He made it really easy for us. I gave him a general list of songs and a biography of my husband and I and that was pretty much it. He did all the rest and really took a load off of our shoulders. The wedding was amazing! He kept the crowd entertained, the uplighting they did was amazing, the songs played were exactly what we wanted. We cannot thank Kooldip productions enough. Stop wasting your time trying to find the perfect emcee/dj for your next event – Kooldip is where it’s at!!!

Judy C

Please can I be invited to your party? if you have Kuldip @ Kooldip Productions at your party. Please invite me!!

I guarantee everyone will enjoy your party/celebrations even more if you have Kuldip @ your party/celebrations, he is pretty cool, very experienced, and he got style & skills and I have to say this, like my teen kids would say, He is On Fleek!! ( I might get scoldings from my teens, if they catch me saying this)” Kuldip you are On Fleek!!

I was really fortunate to see Kooldip at 2 events and OMG, I loved every moment of it. He is so awesome, I could tell he is very experienced and really knows his way of entertaining. The very first event was at the Aviation museum, The party went on for hours and he did the mannequin challenge, which went viral and was epic. I could tell everyone at the party was having a blast!

The 2nd event, I was so happy to hear that Kooldip will be at the event. I have to admit the entertainment was the best part of the event that day. Kooldip really knows how to party. I majorly LOL, laughed out loud during this part of the show. I loved the entertainment that was provided by Kuldip. & Again, I could tell everyone at the party were having a blast, with his cool sense of humor and audience participation.

In conclusion, I totally recommend Kuldip for any of your events, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Kuldip is awesome @ the party was LIT.!!

I will recommend Kooldip Productions to my family, friends, & co-workers.

If I have my anniversary party or my son’s graduation, I will def. call you, @ Kooldip Productions.

I can’t wait for another event or party with Emcee Kuldip.!!

#53/100 for 2017

Mitch W

We learned about Kuldip and DJ Rude Dogg after they were recommended from our wedding planner who saw them in action numerous times before. After reading reviews and watching some of their videos we booked them for our October wedding in Oahu. We couldn’t have been happier with how the night played out.

We live on the mainland so we met Kuldip on our wedding day at the venue. We had a phone screening call and two phone calls leading up to that, and he made us feel well assured throughout the whole process.

Wedding day comes and it’s even better than we expected! Kuldip had full control of our guests and delivered countless great jokes while keeping everything moving. Not corny jokes, but witty ones that fit well with everything. He’s a true professional!

Rude Dogg kept the dance floor filled and hit every mark throughout the night, playing all our song requests and seamlessly blending in others. Kuldip hyped everyone up and even got down on the dance floor along with Rude Dogg for a bit. Then I realized we should’ve reserved a larger dance floor since a lot of people were dancing on the grass.

The only negative I can share is that the night had to end. It it weren’t for the venue curfew, I’m pretty sure that party would’ve lasted well into the morning. Book these guys if you care about your wedding. Now!

Nick O

Kuldip and his team were the most amazing emcee/DJ production that I have ever witnessed and been a part of! I chose them based on the stellar reviews and word of mouth on the island and I was not disappointed! Kuldip has a certain quality to him that people can feel comfortable with and gravitate towards. The team made the reception sooo epic and the sparkler machine they now offer is a must for any occasion! I would hire them for any other event I’d have on Oahu!

Kaui S

In April of 2017, I went to a wedding and the emcee was Kooldip. I loved how he emcee’d the wedding, from the games he played with guest, how funny he was and kept the party lively. During that time of the wedding that I attended, I was also planning my very own wedding. & being that my husband is samoan, we did have some of the samoan culture in the program, which Kooldip is familiar with and that was important to us as well.. I knew I wanted him for my wedding, which was on 08/18/2018.

I inquired with him on Yelp, and he got back to me very quickly. I was also able to meet with him that week for the down payment, and for a meet and greet. He is such a nice person, very accommodating!

Throughout my whole time working with Kooldip, he was just awesome! Whenever I texted him to ask questions, he responded so quickly, never made me feel as if I was a pain lol

As it got quicker to my wedding, he was also nice enough to have a meeting with myself as well as our DJ to make sure that we had the program on lock. He really made me feel like he was there to help, which he was.

The day of my wedding, Kooldip rocked it! He made sure that everyone was laughing and having a good time. He has some very unique games that he does with the guest if there’s time to kill within the program. He was so awesome that even AFTER my wedding, I had people asking me “who was your emcee, I loved him!”.

If you’re looking for an emcee, HE IS THE CHOICE! Trust me, you will not be disappointed. We are so thankful that we were able to have kooldip be our emcee at our wedding!

Regina A

We just had our destination wedding on December 2017. During the wedding planning, we were looking for MC and DJ for the reception. I browse around for a while and my wedding coordinator recommended kooldip and one other MC. Kooldip was on the higher higher price compare to the other emcee she recommended how ever he always responded very quickly on our inquiry and always been very professional. So we decided to go ahead and hire him and his Dj partner Dj Rude Dog.

Wedding planning are very stress full. He helped us a lot through out our wedding planning process. He suggest tons of activities we can do to entertain the guest and also song suggestion. He is also very experienced as my other wedding vendor seems to know him well. This makes it so much easier, my wedding coordinator can easily contact him and help plan our reception timeline.

On the day of the wedding, kooldip is very funny yet polite to our guest. Our guests had a blast. He was able to get our guest attention and participation during the whole party. I would recommend to hire kooldip production for your event especially wedding reception. It will give you peace of mind!! Thank you kooldip for giving us such a memorable party!!

Shanelle M

I want to say thank you sooo much to kooldip productions, kuldip and rudy “rudedogg” for doing an AMAZING job at my sons 10th fortnite theme birthday party. It was something different for them but they still managed to pull it off more than I expected. Everyone was saying soo many good things about them at how entertaining they were. They definitely made my sons party something they will always remember. They made it fun, entertained the crowd with laughs, kept the crowd engaged and many didnt want the party to end. All the kids didnt wanna go home bc they were having soo much fun even the adults. This definitely wont be the last time they hear from us. They are definitely hired by us for our future parties we may have. Go and book them too! You truly wont be disappointed and you wont regret it. You will regret not having them at your party. I appreciate kooldip productions for making the boys party the best party they could possibly have. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you Kooldip productiosn.

Chez N Kristen M

I referred my sister to have Kuldip Productions MC and DJ her wedding and it was an AMAZING experience. Kuldip and his crew were fun, professional, and courteous. They really know how to get the crowd going and everything they provided was amazing!!! If you want a party that’s unforgettable and a party that is talked about for weeks, then HIRE them cause they’ll get the job done.

Sherelle S

10 star! Handsdown Kooldip Productions is Hawaii’s BEST!
Kuldip & his team went above and beyond for us (we LOVE you Kuldip). Our reception was the They made our party all that it was. We didn’t have or need live music because the energy they brought was on point, the jokes were hilarious, games were so much fun, and the DJ played all of the songs we requested and in the order that we chose. They were so amazing that today we talk about hiring them again, even if it was just for a party of 10 lol.

All jokes aside, some of you already know but many of you have yet to experience for yourself how stressful it is to plan and execute a wedding in the way that you invision. Entertaining your guest is on the very top of that stressful list. Imagine having a party but not having the right team or band(s) to entertain your guest…boring. That’s why it’s crucial for you to choose the right emcee & DJ to host your event…BOOM…Kooldip Productions! Keep in mind that they also offer a lot of other things such as uplighting, dancing on the clouds, custom monograms and more. Guys, they’re a one stop shop. Not only did they entertain our guest…I mean ennnteeeerrrtaaaain the hell out of our guest with the funnest games, dances, kept a live contagious happy energy going throughout the entire reception (from start to finish), Kuldip also helped relieve a lot of the stress that went on behind the scenes. Just a few days before our wedding he fixed a bunch of errors that I had with my timeline, he literally went over it with us step by step and he didn’t lose patience with my bridezilla a** LOL. The guy is just so chill, humble and the man at what he does.

Point blank! Kuldip and his team are organized professionals. They will communicate things with you every step of the way making sure both sides have a clear understanding of one another. They really have their stuff down. No one else could have met our needs and wants the way that they did. They still have us and our guest talking about how much fun our reception was and we owe it all to them.

Tanya T

From the very first point of contact, Kuldip showed true consistency and persistency to meet and from this courtesy alone, we knew that Kuldip showed what it takes to be our Master of Ceremony. Kuldip expressed some key advices that ultimately shaped the wedding the way we had envisioned it to be, especially the feel and atmosphere that we were going for. Through our first meet all the ideas and different settings to the different types of crowds that we best to expect to have was explored. His experience alone showed his flexibility as a Master of Ceremony should exemplify, given the vast melting pot of our state alone. His speech and conduct was second to none throughout our celebration.

His mindfulness of our crowd, who ranged from 2 years old to 70 years old was also a great quality that we enjoyed as well as the crowd. We appreciated his eagerness and commitment to our celebration. Upon the weeks to follow from our wedding, our guests as well as our family who attended had nothing but great comments for our emcee. We believe that our Master of Ceremony was not just an emcee but was an Emcee with a difference. Although it was a small and private affair, we were grateful that Kuldip and his team delivered “BIG TIME” for us. He was great with the crowd, kept everyone informed of what was next on the program, he even added jokes that made everyone laugh. Looking over to our guest throughout the whole wedding night, we could tell everyone was having a great time, we felt everyone’s sincere love and comments about our night because Kuldip and his team went beyond our expectations. Nothing feels great than to know that on your wedding day you got nothing to worry about, because you had picked the best team for the job. We both along with all our guests enjoyed a great night together. If and when we renew of our vows in the future, we’re definitely at peace knowing we can always look no further than for Mr.Kuldip Shergill.

Ladies and gentlemen, future brides and grooms book him now, if you are reading this review and really want your guests to remember your day, trust me, Kooldip Productions will go above and beyond for your special day. Thank you Kooldip Productions for all that you do esp to the man of the show Mr.Kuldip for your talent, ideas and advice for us. We truly appreciate you and hope and pray your business will bless so many weddings/celebrations in the future. Book him now people! #teamkooldip

Mel B

#29 of 2017

I’ve been to several events around from Yelp, friends and other gatherings. It’s nice how some hosts take the honor of MC to move the events of their party. That’s it though, it’s nice. Now, if you want to have a bombastic party, gathering what ever it is you got lined up with some high energy octane pure fun, you will want Kuldip to be your MC. Dude has got it going on to bring it down!!

I’ve been fortunate enough to see Kuldip in action. 1st at the Aviation Flight Party he took off with the Mannequin Challenge then followed that up schooling us with some dance moves. Can you say viral? The Aviation party was one of the top 3 events of last year because Kuldip stepped in and brought it up a few levels to make it unforgettable. We still talking about it.

The 2nd time was recently at the Tackiest Prom. Again, he brought it down, bringing out the Tacky Prom Dance Contest was totally fun, all in style. Pretty hard to do with tacky yeeps. Then, that was followed up with some open floor dancing and yeeps were ready cuz that floor was packed!! Since it was a Prom, it did need to slow down for all the lavas lavas out there. Kuldip knows how to keep real and in tune with the event. lol

Well, if you want your gathering to be unforgettable, with pure octane fun, good for all ages from 1 to 101, then you need to bring Kuldip and his Kooldip Productions into your plans.

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Steph L

Kooldip added more fun and memories to our wedding back in Sept. He was on point, kept the audience in-tuned and laughing! Our wedding had games with the audience: Gimme-gimme and Feel Like a Woman. He orchestrated the games with ease and everyone had so much fun. There were moments where there were immediate changes to the program and Kooldip took care of it with ease as if it all was supposed to happen that way. I would highly recommend Kooldip and his team for any occasion that calls for an emcee – very professional and fun!

Zay T

There’s a reason why Kooldip Productions are Top Rated on Hawaii’s top best DJ/Emcee and Up lighting!! They really SERIOUSLY without a doubt are the best of the best!!!

Right from the beginning Kuldip was extremely attentive and gave immediate response feedback. After a short phone meeting he knew exactly what we wanted and how to make our dreams into a reality. We had another in-person meeting a week before the wedding to make sure everything was on point from the time line to the pronunciation of our both bridal and grooms parties as well as family acknowledgements. Finally the big day arrived and everything went so smoothly! Our custom made animated monogram was beyond words BEAUTIFUL, the lighting PERFECTLY matched out wedding theme, Kuldip being the Emcee was AWESOME and knew exactly how to work the crowd and get everyone PUMPED, Rudy the DJ could also feel the room of the crowd to keep everyone up and DANCING ALL NIGHT LONG!! Kooldip Productions really made our fairytale wedding dreams come true and I will be forever grateful. Put your trust in them and you won’t be disappointed. They will make your fairytale dreams into a reality too!

Jeremy M

THE BEST. PERIOD. Kuldip and his crew literally made our wedding historic. I have not seen my family on the dance floor like that in my life. We let Kuldip and his crew choose most of the music and they absolutely nailed it. He even showed the crowd how to do some of the dances on stage which was absolutely awesome. Look no further. You’re not going to find anyone else that even comes close.

Kayla D

Kuldip was one of the most attentive, professional, and easy vendors to work with. As an emcee, he kept our guests engaged, laughing, and organized! Keeping our guests all in one place was like herding cats but Kuldip has soooooo much experience with crowd management that it seemed easy for him to gather everyone up to keep the program running smoothly. Even though my coordinator was technically supposed to help me with a timeline, she wasn’t being as attentive as I had hoped. Kuldip stepped right in and spent two separate phone conversations with me fine-tuning an amazing reception timeline. He put my mind at ease and answered every question I had. The day of, I didn’t have to worry about staying on time or anything. He took care of all of it and compensated even when certain things took longer than anticipated.

DJ Rudedogg paid such close attention to our play list, preferences, AND what kept the guests entertained. Each transition from song to song was seamless and everyone enjoyed dancing (even with such big differences in ages and music preferences). We could not have dreamed of a better team for our big day and thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

Alyssa T

Kooldip was honestly 100% my favorite vendor from my wedding. Other than my photographer and videographer, my emcee choice was really important to me because I feel like they can make or break the wedding reception atmosphere. I’ve experienced Kooldip’s work as a wedding guest and as a client and I have absolutely ZERO complaints about him.

He was soooo easy and fun to work with. He’s flexible. He was always prompt and thorough with communication. Furthermore, every time you contact him whether it be via phone call, email, or text, you can hear/read his happy tone. You can tell he loves his job. That’s something I really appreciate. I understand that vendors work with a lot of different people and that to them it’s “just another wedding”, but I NEVER felt that from Kooldip. He always made me feel like my wedding day is special. The wedding planning (or party planning) process is already such a stressful one that I really don’t need my vendors to sound irritated when responding to a question. This is something I promise you won’t have to deal with for Kooldip.

I whole-heartedly trust his advice/recommendations. Because of this, I would ask him things I really should have been asking my wedding planner instead. I’m a bit hesitant to say this because I don’t want everyone bombarding him with questions that can go elsewhere (because I’m sure he’s really busy) but that’s how AMAZING he really is. And of course, he never complained.

One of the most asked questions after my wedding was, “who was the emcee?” and they’d follow up that question with a “he was awesome” or something along those lines. Obviously I told him exactly who he is and that they need to hire him NOW. He really knows how to work the crowd. My now husband and I are pretty introverted so I was afraid we would have periods of awkwardness, but nope! Kooldip always knew when to step in and save the moment. He was so funny and really engages with the crowd. He even joined us on the dance floor a few times. My sister-in-law told me that she interrupted him while he was eating (not sure why lol) but he had no problem with it and engaged in whatever conversation she struck up. Who’s nice enough to do that?! No one can bother me when I’m eating!

Side note: I also hired Kooldip’s partner, DJ Rudedogg, who was awesome also. All of the communication was through Kooldip or at times, Kooldip’s assistant so I can’t really comment on DJ Rudedogg other than he was awesome at the wedding. We told Kooldip that the music was the DJ’s choice and DJ Rudedogg totally delivered.

Kooldip and his team delivered on everything he promised us and more! There’s a reason he has outstanding reviews. Book him and I promise you will NOT regret it!

Kevin S

I knew Kuldip from the same Toastmasters club. When I found out he was now an Emcee, I knew we had to book him for our wedding.

We booked Kuldip and DJ RudeDogg for our wedding at Ko`olau Ballrooms and we could not be happier with the outcome. We had friends come up to us afterward commenting how they’ve never been to such a fun and engaging wedding. Everything was so well done. He kept the program running smoothly and had people laughing constantly.

Kuldip was professional and organized throughout the planning process! He comes with awesome suggestions for the timeline—like games and has his ways of getting everyone at your event to participate! Our guests mainly consists of the older Chinese and Korean folks—they were laughing and dancing by the end of the night!

He’s always booked, so get him early on in the planning process. We guarantee you that your event will be full of laughter and fun. He definitely has his way with people!!