You've been planning it for months.
No wait. Years.

Your first words when you were born were probably “mawidge!” This last month however has given you more stress than the last couple of years combined. It’s ok. We get it! And we totally understand. We are also out of hand sanitizer and are waiting for the next shipment to come in.

And don’t even bring up that Costco line.

Ok fine, I just did. But while you’re waiting in that long line, take the time to read these 4 reasons why you should book your wedding vendors NOW:

1) They are giving some amazing deals

Wedding professionals are some of the highest valued businesses around the block and now more than ever, they have lowered a lot of their packages to fill in the rest of their already messed up calendar. Why not take advantage of that package that is giving you everything included? Even the batteries are not sold separately. I hear some of them are going as far as giving $1,000 off! Wow…

2) They are responsive

Most wedding professionals will get back to you quickly; however, because of their free time, most of them are just doing yoga somewhere on a beach. Don’t worry there’s only 9 people with them. So all those questions that have been burdening you? Get them off your chest and send them an email right now!

3) They are bored

Ok this was a joke. But seriously, they are looking for more events to be a part of. By you reaching out, you can guarantee that they are ready more than ever to help you plan! Some of them have even become planners themselves lol. Because they have more time on their plate, they can help you with your current planning in place. Just ask!

4) You are supporting a small business

These wedding professionals will become your friends even after the wedding. So supporting them now will mean a lot to them and they won’t forget it. Use this opportunity to reach out to a dream vendor of yours and book them. Even if it’s just to place a smaller deposit to hold them for your date. At least you’ll lock in that sweet deal!

Use the time off to start planning your dream wedding and secure the wedding professionals you want on your wedding day!

If you’d like to learn more about what to do during this #Ronatime, please contact (808) 234-KOOL (5665) for some more KOOL options! Be safe my friends and God bless us during these times.

With love from your friendly neighborhood Emcee,

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